Oraichain and yAI.Finance Transparency & Security Update — 12/11/2020

Dear SamOrai,

At Oraichain, safety and security of user funds are of utmost importance to us. We have been blessed to have received excellent feedback from the community right from the start and this update addresses a few concerns raised by a few community members.

1. The Weekly Reward may be sent to an individual multiple times. This issue has been reported in our peer audit as well.

Solution: Off-chain list for rewarding

2. When tokens are stuck in the pool, the deployer can withdraw them back to the deployer’s account.

Solution: Timelock to notify holders or trusting the deployer to do the needful.

3. The Deployer holds most of the tokens

Solution: We have already moved to a multi-sig wallet. Signers are the team and other stakeholders.

As we continue to develop Oraichain and it’s suite of services, we want to assure the community that the team is available on chat most of the time to address any concerns you may have.

As and when Oraichain and the complementary products are at their production versions, a top tier 3rd party Audit is high on our agenda and we are already in preliminary discussions with industry leading auditors for the same.

We hope the community continues to trust and support us!


Chung Dao

CEO, Oraichain


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